Posted by PROFESSOR BAZUAYE GODWIN NOSA on Thu Jul 01 2021

Celltek healthcare medical center is the only stem cell transplant center and the most advanced Apheresis center in Sub Sahara Africa located in Benin city, Edo state, Nigeria. Started stem cell transplant activities in December 2017 with the old COBE spectra machine and later acquired the latest Optia in 2017. Started National Apheresis training in 2019 using the Optia and trained most of the personnel in Nigeria currently using Optia in Nigeria. We have performed over 30 automated red cell exchange using both the cobe and optia machine. Using the Optia we have done three sessions of stem cell collection using the optia for patients with multiple myeloma. Also over 25 platelet concentrates have been collected using the optia. Stem cell activities at celltek healthcare Medical center:
1. A total of 11 allogeneic MSD stem cell transplant for sickle cell disease patients.
2. Two Haplo HSCT for sickle cell disease.
3. Two autologous stem cell transplant for multiple myeloma.
4. One Allogeneic HSCT for Aplastic Anaemia.
Future plans of collaboration of celltek healthcare medical center with Terumo using 0ptia Machine.
1. Expand activities of Apheresis with more Optia to make celltek a center of excellence in Sub Sahara Africa in Apheresis.
2. Have a joint annual international training workshop for Apheresis to traing Africans in the act of Apheresis.
3. Commence a certificate post graduate Diploma programme in Apheresis with Igbinedion University Okada for Nurses and Doctors in Africa interested in Apheresis.
We are hopeful that this will promote the activities of Apheresis in Nigeria using Optia Machine.
Below are some pictures of some of our activities using the Optia machine at Celltek Healthcare Medical center in Nigeria by Professor Bazuaye Nosa.

Fig.1 - Apheresis Training of Doctors and Nurses from 6 teaching Hospital in Nigeria using Optia Machine in 2019 at celltek healthcare medical center Benin City, Edo state,Nigeria
Fig.2 - Autologous stem cell collection using Optia machine for a 43years old patient with multiple myeloma at celltek Healthcare medical center(first session).
Fig.3 - Autologous stem cell collection using Optia machine for a 43years old patient with multiple myeloma at celltek Healthcare medical center(second session)
Fig.4 - Discharge of our Autologous stem cell transplant patient( Patient with Prof Bazuaye Nosa and some staffs of the celltek healthcare medical center)
Fig.5 - Known Sickle cell disease patient with Acute chest syndrome just completed automated red cell exchange
Fig.6 - A 16years old patient with guillain barre syndrome undergoing plasmapheresis with Optia Machine
Fig.7 - A 16years old patient with guillain barre syndrome discharged after a successful plasmapheresis
Fig.8 - A 45 years old Sickle cell disease patient post Kidney transplant after automated red cell cell exchange using Optia machine.